the venture bros season 5 'The Venture Bros.' Season 5 premiere date moved to June 2

After being off the air for two long years, “The Venture Bros.” will be returning to Adult Swim on June 2. A fifth and sixth season of the cartoon series were announced on March 22, 2011, but Season 5 is only seeing the light of day now.

Initially Season 5 was slated to premiere on May 19, but Adult Swim announces today that the date has been bumped to June 2 at midnight. The first episode of Season 5 “picks up moments after the stunning climax of season four and hits the ground running for a season of globe-trotting adventure and stay-at-home suspense,” the Adult Swim press release reads.

Season 5 will feature a slew of new guest voice actors including Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, Gillian Jacobs and John Hodgman. In anticipation of the fifth season, Adult Swim will be showing a one-hour special — the Season 4 finale and the Season 5 premiere — on the big screen at the multiple Alamo Drafthouse locations and at Brooklyn, NY’s Nitehawk Cinema on May 28.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz