PTImbz1hZTI5Y2FkN2NhNGY*OTE3YTk4Y2MzMGZlMDExNzFmNiZvZj*w 'The View': Barbara Walters loses a bet, her memory

You won’t see it in the video above, because the online video producers of “The View” cut out the best part of Thursday’s (Dec. 2) show: Barbara Walters forgetting something she said two minutes earlier.

Writer Nora Ephron — whose new book is called “I Remember Nothing” — was a guest on the show, and she and the hosts got into a rather amusing conversation about the indignities of aging (her last few movies haven’t really done anything for us, but on the page and in person she’s very funny).

Bette Davis famously said, ‘Old age is not for sissies,'” Joy Behar noted, and almost before she completed her sentence, Walters jumped in to correct her: “It was Katharine Hepburn, but it’s OK. … I remember.” They then made a bet on the spot to see who’s right.

The conversation went on for a couple of minutes — diverting into talk about e-mail and DVRs — before Walters interrupted again: “I was just told in my ear it was Bette Davis. You owe me.”

Behar: “You owe me. I said Bette Davis — you said Katharine Hepburn.” Gales of laughter from the audience. “See? I can’t remember anything!” Walters yelped. As the exact nature of the wager wasn’t spoken of, we’re not sure if Walters is now buying Behar’s dinner or doing her laundry or what.

Other portions of Ephron’s segment are above.

Posted by:Rick Porter