127561 1849 ful 'The View': Barbara Walters smooches Shimon Peres, your new Facebook friend“The View” had a heavy-hitter in the house on Wednesday (Feb. 29) — Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres. Peres sat down with host and old friend Barbara Walters to talk about Israel’s sabre-rattling in regards to Iran. He’ll be meeting with President Barack Obama on Sunday (March 4) to talk about potential plans for bombing the nation.

Oddly, only Walters sat down with Peres. Maybe it was because she didn’t want anyone to come between her and the Israeli leader when she leaned in to lay a kiss on him? Or maybe it was out of concern that Elisabeth Hasselbeck or guest-host Kathy Ireland would lead the discussion into the realm of the mundane.

After casually talking about Israel’s potential plans for bombing alleged nuclear sites in Iran, the conversation took a lighter tone. Walters asked the 89-year-old leader if he was on Facebook and he responded to the audience, “May I ask you to be my friends?”

“I want to tell you: today, under the Internet, we can make peace among people, not just among governments,” said Peres. “You can talk to each other freely… the response is unbelievable. And the nation would be delighted if you’ll answer my invitation to be friends [of] peace, and [friends] of mine.”

Then Walters moved in for her kisses. Cue the applause and we’re out.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson