dakota meyer the view gi 'The View' celebrates Veterans Day with guest co host Sgt. Dakota MeyerIn honor of Veterans Day on Monday (Nov. 11), “The View” had on Sgt. Dakota Meyer as their guest co-host, giving the decorated war veteran his time in the spotlight.

Sgt. Meyer, as host Whoopi Goldberg introduced him, is the first living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest award for valor, since the Vietnam War. During his introduction, Goldberg told the harrowing tale of Meyer’s time in Afghanistan, where he defied orders to stay put and fought his way five different times to rescue three dozen American and Afghan troops after a Taliban ambush. He also, sadly, recovered the bodies of four American servicemen.

In response to Goldberg’s questions of whether he ever though, in the moment, he could actually die, Sgt. Meyer said, “You know, whenever I was going in there, it wasn’t a question of if I was going to die. It was just a matter of when. There was no point did I ever think I was gonna make it out. It was just, how long? I was gonna make ’em do it. I was gonna make ’em earn it.”

As for when it hit him that he’d actually survived? “Coming out, after we spotted my teammates bodies. Coming out and getting back to base, it was just like all your adrenaline just stopped and you just really realized that, you know, you’re back, you made it.”

“I’ve got to touch you. There are no words,” co-host Barbara Walters said, reaching across the table and clasping hands with him.

After arriving home, Sgt. Meyer received a phone call from President Obama, one he says almost didn’t happen. “He was late! They called me and said, ‘Hey, the President’s gonna call you at 11:50 on Monday, so we need you to be on a landline an hour prior.’ This was the military, of course,” he explains. “I said, ‘I can’t do that, I gotta work.’ So they arranged where he could call my cell phone. So I was waiting at 11:50 — I arranged my lunch break, had 30 minutes… I’m there waiting, 11:50 rolls around, no call. 12:00, no call. So, you know, they’re late.”

In the end, he did get to speak with the president — and share a special moment with him in person, as well. “I really appreciated the president taking the time out of his busy day to have a beer with me.”

“He appreciated you, too, I think,” Walters replied. We think so too.

Posted by:Billy Nilles