It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Courtney Stodden. But the teen bride is back and making it big time on “The View.” Well…kind of.

During the “What’s Trending Now?” segment on the daytime show, the ladies talked about Stodden’s newest video called “Hello Courtney.” The two-and-a-half minute YouTube clip features Stodden acting as a cat, complete with coughing up a hairball, (hopefully) pretending to eat cat food and playing in a litter box.

“I find it so disturbing,” says co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Joy Behar was much more blunt. “Someone took too much cat nip,” she says. Later, when Hasselbeck wonders whether Stodden is of legal age, Behar replies, “She looks 50. What are you kidding?”

Whoopi Goldberg takes the high road on the matter. She simply buries her head in her hands as it appears she couldn’t bear to watch the clip.

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Posted by:David Eckstein