jessica hahn playboy covers 'The View': Jessica Hahn calls out Barbara Walters on affairOn Tuesday’s episode (Feb. 22) of “The View,” Jessica Hahn made an appearance as part of the show’s theme this week of interviewing people who were famous for less-than-stellar reasons. Hahn gained notoriety in the 1980s because she had a sexual relationship with TV evangelist Jim Bakker when she was the secretary at his church.

Bakker subsequently went to prison for paying Hahn off to keep quiet. Hahn always said Bakker and another church member drugged and raped her, while Bakker always maintained it was a consensual affair.

During Hahn’s segment on “The View,” host Barbara Walters took her to task about the sexual relationship, to which Hahn pointed out that Walters wrote in her book about an affair she herself had with a married Senator (Walters’ affair with then-Senator Edward William Brooke III was detailed in her book “Audition”). The indignant Walters responded that they were there to talk about Hahn’s life, not hers and after that, Walters kinda checked out of the interview.

Hee. There were some other gems, like Hahn talking about how her dead fiancee’s best friend is her “miracle” – her fiancee was Ron Leavitt, creator of “Married with Children,” who passed away several years ago. Hahn also staggers around the set like she’s high on something. We will post video as soon as we have it.

Hahn parlayed her infamous affair into a Playboy cover and pictorial in the November 1987 and again in September 1988. But our favorite Hahn-related thing was always when Jan Hooks played her on “SNL.”

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