“The View” brought a little music royalty to their stage on Monday (Nov. 11) — or the progeny of music royalty, to be more exact.

Julian Lennon, son of the legendary John Lennon, visited the ladies to promote most recent album “Everything Changes.” Before performing his new single, “Someday,” Lennon spoke about what kept him away from music for so long. (His last album was released in 1998.)

“I’ve done music or a good 20 years or so, and there were some other projects that I wanted to do, you know?” he explained. “Documentaries, and now photography as well. A few other things. A lot of charity work. So, you know, that’s why.”

For fans who’d missed Lennon during his break from the music scene, Lennon revealed that he’s leaning on one of his newer hobbies to fill in the blanks. “I’ve actually be making a documentary over the part year about all the work I’ve been doing,” he said. “I just felt that for those who wanted to know, it would be a sort of update of what I’ve actually been up to, what my life’s about these days and to sort of answer a lot of questions people still have about me.”

When asked if his father’s career with music was what pushed him to follow in those hallowed footsteps, Lennon admitted, “No, I never thought that. It was actually one of the teacher’s at my school who motivated me to play the guitar. He was a rock-and-roller, and in between classed would teach kids to play rock and roll music. And my friend Justin Clayton who I’ll be playing with later, he and I started taking rock and roll lessons.”

As for whether he realized just how famous his dad was when he was a child, Lennon admitted that he didn’t pick up on that until a bit later. “I had an impression,” he said. “But as a kid you can’t really comprehend that until you’re much older, you know?”

Be sure to check out Lennon’s performance of “Someday” above.

Posted by:Billy Nilles