With “Kardashian Konfidential” hitting the New York Times bestsellers list, Mama Kardashian (actual name Kris Jenner) can comment upon even more of her daughters’ various shenanigans.

The mother to 10 children (six of them her bio-kids) doesn’t seem to get fazed by much and readily answers questions about Khloe, who reveals in the book that she lost her viriginity at 14 to a guy who was 18.

Jenner tells the ladies of “The View” that she knew who her daughter was dating at the time and tried to put a stop to it, but well, you can’t unmilk a cow. This isn’t something that she supported, but she does back her daughter Kendall‘s racy bikini photo shoot that was taken at age 15 under contract to Wilhelmina models.

Later, Jenner does admit that despite her very calm demeanor, she does freak out about her daughters, but in private:

“I go to my room. I close the door. I have a breakdown. I get hysterical. It devastates me,” she says. “But somebody has to pick up the pieces.”

Yikes. We would not want to be parents to that brood. 

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen