zap2it elisabeth portia 'The View': Portia de Rossi vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck?On the Friday, Dec 4 episode of “The View,” Portia de Rossi responded to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar on the gay marriage/marriage issue. Video below.

After talking at first about how for a long time, no one would believe that she is gay, Portia is asked how being married has changed her life. She says being married is a “calming, relaxing thing” and the commitment makes her feel like they’re “more of a team.”

Proposition 8 and the legality of the marriage comes up. De Rossi says Prop 8 takes away “what everyone in this country should have” because it’s a “civil rights issue” and not a religious issue. Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck ask her if it’s the word “marriage,” like if they could give gay couples all the rights but not use the word “marriage,” would that be okay? Hasselbeck likens it to women wanting the same rights as men, but not wanting to be called “men,” is the word “marriage” more important than the rights?

Portia says that of course the word “marriage” is not more important than the rights, but that “without the word, [gay couples] don’t have equal rights.” She says gay marriage is the same as straight marriage — “exact same love, exact same commitment, love of family.” Her point is that it’s all “marriage.”

It’s honestly one of the most intelligent, level-headed discussions about gay marriage you’re likely to see. It’s not really a “versus” so much as a dialogue and we applaud both sides of the issue for not letting it devolve into a caricature of itself, full of hyperbole and nonsense.

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