the cast of the view 'The View's' Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Kathy Griffin 'bullying' Bristol PalinOn Sunday’s VH1 Divas Support the Troops special, comedian Kathy Griffin made a joke about Bristol Palin‘s apparent lack of weight loss while participating on “Dancing With the Stars.” Bristol responded that she hoped people didn’t have to pay money for Kathy’s routine.

]]>Elisabeth Hasselbeck says, “I think it’s something that she needs to cut out … How is that not bullying in a way? It’s pathetic, but it’s bullying.” Barbara Walters says that Chris Rock made some Sarah Palin jokes at the Kennedy Center Honors, but Sherri Shepherd is quick to differentiate between mocking the mama bear and mocking the baby bear. Joy Behar, interestingly enough, says that even though “thou shalt not bad mouth another comedian,” she agrees with Hasselbeck and also points out that Griffin should have known her audience better. Shepherd then says she worked with Griffin on “Suddenly Susan” and Kathy made her cry when Sherri first worked with her because she seemed so mean, but that that is just what Griffin does. Elisabeth says that doesn’t matter — if we say you shouldn’t bully people, you shouldn’t bully them, whether you’re being funny or not. Shepherd then says that when they talk about supporting each other as women, they can’t go making fun of another woman about her weight. It’s against the sisterhood. Whoopi Goldberg was uncharacteristically quiet, which was disappointing because as a comedian, we wanted to hear her opinion on the joke. What do you think, Pop2it readers? Is it bullying? Or just an over-the-line joke? Has Bristol come so far into the public eye with her appearance on “Dancing With the Stars” that she is no longer just the child of Sarah Palin? Does that even matter? Let us know below.

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