sherri shepherd 'The View's Sherri Shepherd: 'Don't sleep with the male comics'
Sherri Shepherd may have had the world scrutinizing her fancy footwork on “Dancing with the Stars,” but “The View” co-host is most comfortable on stage behind a microphone doing a little stand-up comedy. Hosting the “Last Comic Sitting” stage challenge in Hollywood on Friday (April 27), Shepherd gave Zap2It her advice to all hopeful comics out there.
“Get on stage as much as you can. It’s like dancing, it becomes a muscle memory,” says Shepherd. “And to the female comics: don’t sleep with the male comics. It’ll take 10 years to get your reputation back.”
While the outspoken talent has certainly reaped her share of criticisms over the years, Shepherd explained why she doesn’t take the reproach to heart, though she does admit to regretting “many” remarks she’s made in her career.
She rationalizes, “Even with “The View,” you know, you make a mistake and it bombs and you’re like, ‘Why did I say that? But you know what? You’re a comic. I think I called Mary, Jesus’ mother, “Jesus’ baby mama,” and I got tons of tweets and I’m like, ‘I was just joking!’ But when you’re a comic, you see the weird, quirky in everything, so you have to be prepared for that.”
Shepherd loved her stint on “DWTS” for the opportunity to show the public a different side of her personality.
“[On “DWTS“] I think people got to see a funny side of me they don’t get to see on the “The View,”” she observes. “I wanted to show people, do stuff scared. I have stage fright; I’ve never danced before. And so I wanted to show women, sometimes we take care of other people so much, we don’t take care of ourselves. We have those deep desires in our heart and we never listen. And so I wanted to show women, get out there and do something. You can excel.”
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