PTImbz1hMDZkMzFmN2Q4ZDM*NWYzODYzZWExYzdmYWE3NTcwOCZvZj*w 'The View's' Whoopi Goldberg has 'no apologies' for D.C.'s Michaele Salahi

Oh, we would never want to be on the receiving end of a can of Whoop-A** Goldberg. But, apparently, Michaele and Tareq Salahi were.
On Wednesday (August 4), the cast of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.” appeared on “The View.” Afterward, Michaele Salahi accused co-host Whoopi Goldberg of hitting her. 
On Thursday (August 5), Goldberg explained her side of things complete with replays of the video. She then explained what happened during her heated argument with the Salahis backstage.

]]>“So, I told her that she knew I didn’t hit her,” explains Goldberg. “And, yeah, you know how I said it – choice words. And I make no apologies for my choice words.”

The footage shows no signs of Goldberg hitting Salahi. If anything, she’s guilty of touching her too lightly in our opinion. [Editor’s note: We would never advocate violence against a “Real Housewife.”] Then, according to Goldberg, Tareq Salahi got involved and began taking pictures of the opinionated co-host.
“Needless to say, I really went off then and there more choicer words,” says Goldberg. “I mean they were so choice, you could have cut them with a knife and eaten them.”
Team Whoopi or Team Michaele? Sound off! 
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