adam levine the voice thumbs up 'The Voice': Adam Levine offers Mathai the long goodbyeReality shows love to add drama when it comes to the contestant elimination process. It is this as much as the talent itself that keeps viewers coming back week after week. But sometimes too much drama can be a bad thing.

Adam Levine had just that problem on “The Voice” on Tuesday (April 24). When it came down to whether he wanted to eliminate Mathai or Katrina following their last chance performance, Levine launched into a three-minute soliloquy talking about seemingly everything from the European debt crisis to the meaning of life (we exaggerate just a smidge).

Amidst the entire monologue, Levine does take a second to distill his logic when he says, “This really boils down to who I’ve seen more from so far because I think that you both have the potential to be the winners.” But then he talked for another two minutes before ultimately sending Mathai packing.

Here’s the uncomfortably long video…

Posted by:David Eckstein