adam levine the roxy 'The Voice': Adam Levine slams The Roxy, The Roxy responds beautifullyOn Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” fan favorite Cassadee Pope performed “Are You Happy Now,” a Michelle Branch song. It brought back some not-so-fond memories for coach Adam Levine.

“I remember we opened for her at the Roxy, and they didn’t even give us a
dressing room. I hate the Roxy. I’ll never play there again,” he said. Later, he added, “Oh, the Roxy is horrible. Don’t ever go there. They screwed us over, and now they’re paying for it.”

The Roxy, a music venue in Los Angeles, responded in the best way possible. They left a note for Adam on their marquee for all of LA to read: “ADAM LEVINE YOUR DRESSING ROOM IS READY.” (See photo)

Branch even stuck up for the club, telling THR that it was her contract, not the club, that left Maroon 5 dressing roomless. “I’m sure it wasn’t the Roxy’s fault,” she says. “Most likely my band was given one room and I was given the other per my contract.”

The Roxy’s owner tells Yahoo, “Maroon 5 played the Roxy at least five times. [Adam’s previous band] Kara’s Flowers played there like every weekend. I
use Maroon 5 as an example of a hard-working band that played the
Sunset Strip and played the clubs and blew up. And so when he said
that…you know, the Roxy has no control over dressing rooms. If
Michelle Branch is playing, it’s Michelle Branch’s show. And if her
management says, ‘I want Michelle in this dressing room and I want her
band in this other dressing room,’ we’re at the mercy of the headliner.
For a band to think dressing rooms define how we treat bands is crazy.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie