voice raelynn adley 'The Voice' battle: Adley Stump vs. RaeLynn    Did the right country firecracker win?On Monday’s episode of The Voice,” the Battle Rounds began. For his first competition, Blake Shelton chose Adley Stump, who has only been singing for 10 months, to go up against the youngest artist in the competition, RaeLynn.

“You guys are both firecracker country girls, and I just think it’s going to make for a fun battle,” he told them, but he did express some concern that Adley’s powerful voice would drown out RaeLynn’s more “stylistic” techniques.

Luckily, RaeLynn had some help from her personal hero, Miranda Lambert, because her hubby Blake saw a lot of Miranda in RaeLynn. RaeLynn took a moment to fangirl before they got down to business, squealing, “You’re real!” as she embraced Miranda. For Adley, Blake brought in Kelly Clarkson, whose ability to weather the ups and downs in the industry impressed him.

“I think you both brought your own style to it,” Christina Aguilera said. “You’re 17, and that’s an amazing thing, to have the guts to come up here and do what you do. Adley, you’ve got those cheerleading lungs.” Ultimately, Christina preferred Adley.

“I agree,” Cee-Lo said. “RaeLynn, there’s something that’s just so very adorable about you — you have so much time to grow.”

Adam took a different side. “Those long held out notes are difficult to hit, and you guys did a great job,” he said, noting that he’d choose RaeLynn because she delivered “a more unique performance.”

Ultimately, Blake agreed with Adam — which, frankly, surprised us — and Adley went home. Weigh in below in the comments section and let us know what you thought!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie