voice charlotte lex 'The Voice' battle: Charlotte Sometimes vs. Lex Land    whose 'Pumped Up Kicks' was best?“The Voice” is into its second week of Battle Rounds, and we’re pretty sure that Charlotte Sometimes and Lex Land‘s performance of “Pumped Up Kicks” will remain our favorite throughout the competition. Blake Shelton chose these two singers to go up against each other because while their tones are similar, their personalities could not be more different.

“Charlotte has this very boisterous over the top personality, very
funny, whereas Lex is a little more introverted. If Lex doesn’t come out
of her shell in this competition, Charlotte’s going to eat her alive,” Blake said. He was also concerned that with Lex’s beautiful voice, he’d feel that Charlotte would just end up being a distraction.

“Lex should totally watch out. You can’t really win against a Jersey girl,” Charlotte said. She did recognize, though, that her over-the-top personality could work against her because of Lex’s sweet, unobtrusive way. “I hope that I can tone myself down a little bit.”

Kelly Clarkson came in to advise Charlotte, and she was already a fan. “I love your voice! I got to see the blind audition, and I love your voice,” Kelly said.

Before she sang, Charlotte made sure to lay on the flattery with Blake. “That shirt brings out your eyes. You look beautiful,” she told him.

We loved it — and so did Kelly. “Charlotte is a very comedic person, she has this explosive personality that I love, and I think that is going to be why people are so attracted to her,” Kelly said.

Lex got to work with Blake’s wife, which proved beneficial for RaeLynn. “I’m really excited to have Miranda Lambert as my mentor. She seems so sweet and it’s really cool because they clearly have a close personal relationship,” Lex said — but she still seemed worried. “If I psych myself out, I probably will get sent home.”

It was Lex’s soft-spoken personality that appealed to Miranda, though. “There’s a mystery to you. Something draws me to you, like I want to know more about you,” she said. “If she’s going to be shy and dark, that’s cool to me. Lex is a lot more confident than she lets us know about, and she’ll turn it on when it’s time.”

Christina Aguilera was blown away. “Lex, you have such a sexy voice in those verses!” she said. She commended Charlotte for being “sassy with some of your pronunciatiosn and obviously very comfortable on the stage.”

Cee Lo said he would have chosen Charlotte because she was sexy, but Adam chose Lex because she opened up as the song progressed.

In the end, the decision was Blake’s. “Lex, you shock me every time that you do some of these things vocally that you do. Charlotte gets up here and you can’t take your eyes off her. That’s one of the things that it takes to make a star,” he said. “I heard one little pitchy thing from Lex in the first half of the song, but Charlotte had control of her performance. The winner of this battle for me is Charlotte.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie