voice jordis fuenta 'The Voice' battle: Jordis Unga vs. Brian Fuente    Did Blake choose the right rocker?Blake Shelton‘s first battle on The Voice paired up his country sweethearts, but for the second one, he changed his tune a bit, going for a rock edge. He chose Brian Fuente, whose blind audition we didn’t really get to see, to battle Jordis Unga, who fans know from another reality show, “Rock Star: INXS.”

Blake chose Alanis Morissette’s classic “Ironic” for them because he felt it would “showcase the tender moments of their vocals and the power moments of their vocals.”

Brian felt that he was at a bit of a disadvantage, though. “This song is built for a female vocalist and coming into it I might be the underdog,” he said. His celebrity coach, Kelly Clarkson, thought differently.

“As a singer, you have to commit, or it’s going to sound shaky,” she told him.

Miranda Lambert may have been a great coach for RaeLynn, but we had our doubts as to whether she could really help Jordis win. Blake was concerned about Jordis’ emotional state. “The only thing that’s going to get in her way is her head. I don’t know what’s going on with her, I just hope that she finds a way to turn whatever that is she’s going through into some great music,” he said.

Her emotions did cloud her performance a bit — in fact, when she got up on stage, she was crying a bit. Though Christina and Adam appreciated her mini breakdown, Cee-Lo preferred Brian’s more aggressive style. In the end, of course, it came down to Blake, who generally didn’t feel good about the battle at all, complaining about pitch and tone and worrying that neither artist could compare to Adam as a rocker. (Aww.)

He ultimately chose Jordis, because he liked the emotion and unpredictability she brought to the stage. He said she is “time bomb-ish,” which is what one looks for in a rocker.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie