the voice cee lo battle round 3 320 nbc 'The Voice' Battle Round 3: Weren't they cute?

Anyone else feel like they need to brush and floss after the sweetness that was “The Voice’s” Round 3 of battle rounds?
The coaches set up some rather cutesy pairings in this round. We by no means want to discount the performers’ talent in Round 3, but there did come a point where we were starving for some edge. 
Let’s do a quick review of the rounds:
Team Christina Aguilera: Raquel Castro beats Julia Easton
Granted Raquel is only 16, but we kind of feel that she’s the type who’s just happy when people are looking at her. She sort of always says the right things even though we know they can’t totally be true. For example, how could she say she has wanted to sing forever, but only started training professionally a few months before (surprise!) “The Voice” auditions. On this episode, she informed Christina that she’s a dancer, as well. Of course, she is. For our money, we wanted Julia to move on. She’s a smoother singer and has a much nicer voice than Raquel. Plus, we feel Julia is really all about the singing and not just being a star by any means necessary.
Team Blake Shelton: Dia Frampton beats SeraBee
We have to admit as we heard Blake announce this pairing and then push them off to sing together, we felt a little hate for the country singer. It just seemed like a very mean-spirited thing to do. Here we have SeraBee who believes she’s God’s gift to the “daughter of a preacher man” style of vocals going against a folksy gal whose style is much more melodic and understated. We were fully prepared to announce Blake Shelton a d-bag, but then he surprised us by picking Dia. Serves us right for getting all judgmental on him.
Team Adam Levine: Devon Barley beats Rebecca Loebe
This may be the biggest travesty of the night for us. No. 1, how could Devon not know Radiohead’s “Creep”? Unforgivable. And second, Rebecca clearly sang that song her own way and with a style that really pulled us in. Devon hit us as stiff and mechanical throughout the performance. Plus, how could Adam send that poor, talented girl back to sleep in her car?
Team Cee Lo Green: Tori and Taylor Thompson beat Kelsey Rey
Honestly, we could care less about this group of singers. They’re like new sneakers – way too clean and right out of the box. We were initially surprised that Cee Lo didn’t go with Kelsey, though, especially after hearing him compliment her on holding her own up there. After some thought, we began to understand Cee Lo’s choice better. We think he went with the sisters, because they rose to the occasion and showed something new in their performance that we didn’t see in their bubbly blind audition. And Cee Lo seems to like surprises when it comes to his performers. Kelsey may be a bit of a (excuse the pun) one note.

What were your thoughts on the coaches’ decisions this week?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog