voice cauley lucca 'The Voice' battle: Tony Lucca vs. Chris Cauley    Who has your vote?Monday’s episode of “The Voice” began the battle rounds, and Adam Levine’s team was first up. He paired former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca with Chris Cauley for U2’s “Beautiful Day.” These are two of the strongest, most likable contenders in the competition — we were actually a little bummed that they were paired up, because we knew someone was going home!

Adam brought in some serious industry clout to coach the artists. Alanis Morissette came in as Lucca’s advisor. A few weeks ago, Lucca expressed some concerns about being considered “legitmate” in the music industry, so it was surely a relief for him to chat with Alanis about the fact that it’s possible to be famous and a credible artist. She also encouraged him to go for those elusive high notes. For Cauley, Adam sought out the always soulful Robin Thicke to lend his advice. Thicke encouraged Cauley to pay some attention to his body language and to feel the emotions of the song.

Ultimately, the men battled it out on stage. Blake Shelton preferred Cauley based mostly on his tone. Christina, of course, knew Lucca before the show. “Obviously I am kind of pulling for him,” she admitted, backing Lucca. Cee-Lo agreed with Christina — and ultimately, Adam did too.

Cauley was one of the most gracious losers we’ve seen. “Adam, you know that I was a big fan of your music, and now I can say that I’m a fan of you as a man, which is more important,” he said as he left the stage. As for his thoughts on his opponent, Lucca — “He deserves it,” he said honorably.

His goodbye prompted a tweet from Levine tonight. “.@chriscauley those parting words were so kind. keep it up dude – you are so incredibly talented! #teamadam #TheVoice”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie