voice apr3 nbc 'The Voice': Blake Shelton is a pal and a confidant, RaeLynn works blueSome of the most interesting things on a reality show happen when the cameras aren’t running. This certainly was the case on Tuesday’s (April 3) episode of “The Voice.”

Here’s the best of what you missed:

That old familiar song: Nothing gets you warmed up for a busy night on the judging panel like hearing…yourself. That’s exactly what happened in the minutes leading up to the live broadcast of “The Voice” as the music mix played Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty.” Sadly Redman wasn’t there to accompany.

Thank you for being a friend: Blake Shelton apparently can sing everything. As the show was about to begin, Aguilera asked her fellow judge to sing the theme to “The Golden Girls.” Shelton eagerly complied and crooned the opening verse. The crowd went bananas.

Same face, new place: Bill, the audience warm up guy from “The X Factor” has moved over to “The Voice.” He still does the same routine and the audience still loves it. The only question we have is whether it’s a conflict of interest to do a different singing competition. Probably not.

Vocal Malfunction: After finding out she was saved, the spritely one RaeLynn stomped her feet and said “Oh S***!” Here’s hoping the censors at NBC caught it in time.

A Purrfect Addition: An overly excited fan made a cardboard cutout of Cee Lo’s better half, his cat Purrfect. Green was so impressed by the artwork that he autographed it for the person.


Posted by:David Eckstein