naia kete voice 'The Voice': Blake Shelton takes Naia Kete from the street to the stageNot every artist who auditions for “The Voice” gets the honor of an in-person invitation from Carson Daly himself, but Naia Kete, a Santa Monica street artist, had her show interrupted just like Carson used to interrupt the “TRL” videos.

Naia makes her living singing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica alongside her younger brother and her boyfriend. “It means everything to me to be able to do this in front of all of America,” she says, admitting that the invitation was the culmination of “tireless, endless hours of dreaming and writing and singing.”

“If that chair turned around it would just be an incredible way to validate my voice,” she said, just before getting on stage and performing a unique version of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.” Blake hit his red button almost immediately. It only took Cee-Lo a little longer to push his button — but Naia wasn’t offended.

“Cee-Lo you push all my buttons,” she teased.

“What I heard was an innocent, pure quality in your voice… and I want to be around that energy. I want to help nurture it,” Cee-Lo said in his usual, slightly lecherous way.

“It was not soothing or calming to me. It make me want to stand up and dance,” Blake countered. “You’re all giddy and you’re excited. That’s what I’m doing inside right now. The minute you started singing, you just made me smile. Instantly I fell in love with your voice. I would be honored being your coach.”

Ultimately, she decided to go with her gut — and despite all of Cee-Lo’s button-pushing, she chose Blake! Do you think she could go all the way?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie