blake shelton miranda 320 'The Voice': Brave singers attempt Miranda Lambert songs for Blake SheltonYou’ve got to have some serious cojones to sing Miranda Lambert songs while her fiance, Blake Shelton, is sitting in his big turny-chair judging you. After all, he’s got to have a pretty high opinion of the original.

Two contestants on “The Voice” risked their careers with this gutsy move on Tuesday night’s episode. The first contestant, Cherie Oakley, sang “Gunpowder & Lead,” Lambert’s 2008 hit.
While Blake didn’t turn around, Christina Aguilera did.

“I’m sitting there listening to you sing my fiancees song,” Blake said when she’d finished singing. “That’s really
cool. But by the same token, you’re stepping into some big shoes for me
because i know how she sings that, and I wanted you to beat her. I did! I
wanted you to beat her and I didn’t think you did.”

Aguilera felt she had a catch, though, and Cee-Lo was impressed by “such a big voice coming out of a little bitty cute little thing.”

The next contestant, Angela Wolff, sang a more recent Lambert song, “The House that Built Me,” but she was noticeably pitchy in places. She threatened to unfollow Blake on Twitter, but he still wasn’t impressed enough to choose her — though he couldn’t help but smile during her song. Unfortunately, she wasn’t chosen.

Wolff no longer follows Shelton on Twitter. She does, however, follow Cee-Lo, Adam Levine, and yes — Miranda Lambert.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie