The Top 6 were revealed on Tuesday night’s (Nov. 26) “The Voice” as two contestants were eliminated. America’s Twitter-powered “Instant Save” went to Team Christina’s Matthew Schuler, while Team Blake’s Ray Boudreaux and Team CeeLo’s Caroline Pennell were sent packing. It was no surprise that America saved Matthew, but host Carson Daly was stunned that Matthew needed saving at all.
“I was shocked,” Daly tells Zap2it backstage. “I was shocked.” As for how Matthew ended up on the bottom, Daly says, “I don’t think he did good last night. I don’t think it was his best. You think about ‘Hallelujah’ [his Nov. 11 performance] and you think about last night, and I think America went … I think it proves that these artists are vulnerable on performance nights. Whereas before I thought, ‘Oh, it’s a popularity contest. If they like so-and-so, they’re going to vote them all the way through.’ And I don’t think [the viewers] do that now. Which is great for us, because it gives so much more gravitas to the instant save.”
Daly has a suggestion for contestants who want to stay out of the bottom three. “You better sing for your life every time you’re on the show,” he says. “Because you’re vulnerable. Ultimately, for us as producers, that yields great performances. You want to phone it in one week? You might be gone the next day.”
Asked if Blake Shelton‘s Team Blake trifecta winning streak is in danger, Carson says he believes it is. “Four in a row just seems like an impossible thing,” he says. “Adam’s got three [contestants left]. The odds are clearly in his favor. But anything can happen. The right song at the right time will win this thing.”
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