christina aguilera the voice april17 nbc 'The Voice': Christina Aguilera gets 'emotional' while saving Lindsey PavaoIt’s clear that the emotions are starting to take their toll on “The Voice” judges. For evidence of this, one need look no further than the tears Christina Aguilera shed before sending home Ashley De La Rosa while saving Lindsey Pavao on Tuesday (April 17).

“I’m very emotionally driven and I think that’s what ‘The Voice’ should be about,” Aguilera says after the show. “Tonight Lindsey brought me to tears. And there was just no two ways around it.”

Aguilera explains that these feelings are not just part of the territory when it comes to the job, but really part of her mental make up.

“Everything that I do is from the gut and from the heart and real. That’s just who I am,” she says. “I’m a very emotional person. I can’t be fake…As a coach I think it’s the only fair thing to these guys to be completely honest in the moment.”

On a much lighter note, Aguilera effused when discussing her collaboration with fellow judge Cee Lo Green on the song “Make the World Move.”

“It’s fun and it’s positive and it’s full of life,” Aguilera says of the tune. “I’m just excited to share the stage with Cee Lo because we both get off on production and dancers and having all of those fun elements about being on stage and and being a performer.”

Posted by:David Eckstein