jonathas voice 320 'The Voice': Christina Aguilera picks Jonathas after Usher impressionOn Monday’s episode of The Voice,” our first contestant was a flop — which is always a bit of a buzz killer. Luckily, the next man up was family man Jonathan, who moved to the US from Rio de Janiro at age 5 because his mother felt that the poverty and violence in Brazil would hinder his development. Now, Jonathas has a wife and children of his own to provide for.

“If I were to make it on a team for ‘The Voice,’ this would mean the world for my kids,” Jonathas said. “This would change their lives. It would give me the satisfaction that my mom didn’t bring me here for nothing.”

Before his audition, he knelt backstage to pray. Then he jumped on stage and did a rendition of Usher’s “You Got It Bad” that sounded so much like the original, it was more of an impression than a cover. He even showed off some impressive dance moves. Cee-Lo hit his button, almost immediately. Christina chose him at the very last moment.

When Jonathas showed off some dance moves, Christina was even more sold. “In my world, in my genre, in my tours, I’ve gotten to know some of the best choreographers,” she said. “I want to mold you and package you and do the right thing by you… now I feel like Cee-Lo.”

“She’s got package on her mind,” Cee-Lo agreed, before pulling Jonathas off the stage so they could compare their watches. Boys playing with toys! “I don’t toot my horn too often, but like, I can do anything,” was Cee-Lo’s argument.

Jonathas ended up choosing to be on Christina’s team. Do you think he could make it all the way?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie