de borah the voice premiere 'The Voice' constestant De'Borah finds acceptance away from the church“The Voice” is all about prioritizing singing ability over physical appearance, which is what made the show the perfect platform for De’Borah’s talent. The young singer has a gospel background, but when she adopted an androgynous style, the church rejected her.

“The church did not like how I look and it became more important than my voice,” De’Borah explained, but she made sure to express that her parents didn’t share the church’s view, and they embraced her style. “Dope parents, right?” she joked. “I’m not into the gender thing. Boom — I am gay. How about it?”

She sang “Hey Soul Sister,” and during her performance, Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green hit their buttons — at the exact same time! De’Borah surprised everyone by choosing Christina — even Christina herself, who thought Cee-Lo had it locked down.

“She has a song called ‘The Voice Within,'” De’Borah told Carson Daly later, explaining that the lyrics to the song crossed her mind when Christina turned her chair around. “it’s simple, ‘Young girl don’t cry, your soul will be free to fly.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie