the voice patrick vs tyler blake nbc 'The Voice': Did Blake Shelton hear what we heard?

Well, we can admit when we’re wrong and we were wrong with a capital WRONG about the battle rounds on “The Voice.”
After the last episode, we thought the idea was good, but the execution as we heard it in the preview for this week’s episode sounded like a hot mess. After watching the episode, we’re pretty thrilled by how the battle rounds went down. Sure, the whole boxing ring and announcer gimmick was over the top (but what’s spinning chairs? And we were fine with that!). But, eh, once the performances started that all faded away.
The producers of “The Voice” have a good grasp on how to keep our attention. In the premiere episode, they showcased their strongest singers only to be followed by a lackluster crop in the second round of blind auditions. We’re a bit on to them now as many viewers didn’t know what to expect after the novelty of blind auditions were over, but once again this episode featured some really strong competitors that can carry us through if Round 2 isn’t as spectacular.
Here are the Round 1 battle results:
Team Christina Aguilera: Frenchie Davis beats Tarralyn Ramsey
Team Blake Shelton: Patrick Thomas beats Tyler Robinson
Team Adam Levine: Casey Weston beats Tim Mahoney
Team Cee Lo Green: Vicci Martinez beats Niki Dawson
We agreed with all the coaches’ picks except for Blake. And we’re going to go ahead and put it out there. We think he made the match between Patrick and Tyler already knowing he’d pick Patrick, who seems to be more his style. 
It was clear to us that Tyler out-performed Patrick. It was also clear to Cee Lo and Adam who named Tyler their winner if they had to choose. The deck was stacked against Tyler with Blake and Patrick having the country music thing in common and the song, “Burnin’ Love” by Elvis Presley, also seemed more apt for Patrick’s style. Tyler, you were robbed!

Do you think Blake made the wrong decision, too?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog