charlotte sometimes voice nbc 'The Voice': Eliminated finalists reflect on their time with the showFour people were sent packing from “The Voice” on Tuesday (April 3). While this would be heartbreak for many, each of the voted off contestants was calm and reflective in their post-show interviews.

Here’s a quick recap of what each of the four eliminated singers had to say:

Naia Kete on her song choice not really matching with what she wanted to do: “You’re given a list and you have to pick from it. And it is what it is. I don’t have any bad feelings about that. I’m psyched that I was here…It’s hard because you’re given literally 15 minutes in rehearsal to work out an arrangement with the band…You just do what you can.”

Charlotte Sometimes on her performance: “Ultimately I put my heart in that performance. But I wasn’t singing to be saved, I was singing from a real place in my heart, because that way, whatever happened, I wouldn’t be disappointed…No one can take away your artistry, and if I was singing for everyone, then it would take a piece of me away.”

Moses Stone on his time with the show: “Everything I’ve done, I’ve pushed boundaries and I changed it up every time. I felt like I kept coming with things that were unexpected from me…I felt like I brought a lot of different elements to the show that the show didn’t have. I felt like I definitely made my mark.”

Sera Hill on what she learned: “I am happy that I was just involved that far…You just have to stay positive and nurture your talent and treat every performance like it’s your first and your last one…I was expecting to go on maybe a little further, but everything happens for a reason.”

So Zappers, do you think that the right people were sent home from “The Voice.”

Posted by:David Eckstein