erin martin the voice nbc 'The Voice': Erin Martin rips Cee Lo Green after getting eliminatedAfter being sent home from “The Voice” on Tuesday (April 10), Erin Martin laid the blame for her elimination straight at the feet of her coach Cee Lo Green. The Chicagoan explains that it was Green’s song selection and penchant for showmanship over vocals contributed to her demise.

“I wanted to sing a song that was more suited for my voice, that had more of a melodic element,” Martin says. “I’d been taken so far out of my element with ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ and ‘Walk Like an Egyptian,’ which weren’t songs that are good for me to sing.” She goes on to say that she would have preferred a Billie Holiday or Corinne Bailey Rae tune and bypass all the theatrics.

Martin’s frustration ultimately boils over as she explains that the format of the show wasn’t a good match for her style as an artist. She says when she was in control of her song selection, “that’s when America fell in love with me. When I didn’t have control, that’s when s*** kinda hit the fan.”

Martin concludes that she thinks Green should view her elimination as a learning experience.

“It’s not all about showmanship. Art needs to be nurtured,” she says. “I think he [Green] can learn a lesson from me being an artist, that he needs to nurture artists and let their voice shine.”

Green was unavailable for comment.

Posted by:David Eckstein