As the blind auditions continue in Season 4 of “The Voice,” a familiar face proved why the redemption factor that the NBC hit specializes in is something worth celebrating.

Garrett Gardner, 17, had auditioned once before, for Season 3, and was turned away. But on the April 1 episode of the new season, he was back to give it another try. Garrett said he was doing it last year for his recently deceased father, but this year he’s doing it for himself. “Season 3 , Blake [Shelton] gave me some constructive advice. I’ve been working every day to get better.”

This time around, Garrett brought everything he had on a cool, island-y interpretation of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” that erupted into a rocker yell during the chorus. It was clear that he’d taken the comments about his pitch problems to heart — this was a different, more assured vocal from Season 3.

Shakira turned around just before the song ended, only coach to turn. At the end, Blake and fellow coach Adam [Levine] immediately recognized Garrett, but they weren’t the only ones. Shakira admitted that she’d watched Season 3: “I was so pissed when you guys didn’t pick him.”

Perhaps Blake said it best, “You left, you came back, and you’re that much better. And guess what? You’re on ‘The Voice’ now.”

What do you think, ‘Voice’ fans?

Posted by:Billy Nilles