raelynn the voice gallery 'The Voice' gets a 'Wake Up Call': RaeLynn takes on Maroon 5 with a country twistIn the blind auditions, “The Voice” contestant RaeLynn made a brave choice by performing a song by Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton‘s wife. She made another bold move in the first live show on Monday when she decided to sing Maroon 5’s “Wake Up Call,” per Blake’s suggestion.

“RaeLynn is a stylist, and it’s always been one of those songs that could be a country song. ‘Hey, you’re cheating on me? I’m gonna shoot you now,'” Blake explained in the package. Later, he revealed that it was actually Adam Levine himself who suggested that “Wake Up Call” could make a good country song.

“It is a risk taking a famous pop song and turning it into country. I think America’s going to like that,” RaeLynn said. After she performed the song, adding country twang without letting it lose its pop-rock edge, she was so overwhelmed that she jumped off the stage to give Adam a hug before she took the judges’ criticism.

“You’re a sassy little thing! It was really cute up there. I was impressed. You had definite stage presence. Are you allowed to grind your hips like that at that age?” Christina Aguilera joked. She teased Blake and Adam about their undeniable bromance for a moment. “There’s like, some kind of man-on-man love thing going on… again with the Maroon 5? Wow.”

“You’re representing the new generation of country music so well,” Blake added. “This is the new sound of country music. Side note, I was at the Academy of Country Music Awards last night, and you’re what everybody talks to me about already. That excites me so much to know that Nashville is already behind you. It’s awesome.”

Of course, the real judge of RaeLynn’s performance was Adam himself — and he loved it. “Raelynn, you broke my heart twice,” he said. “You broke my heart when you didn’t pick me, and then you broke my heart again when you did our song and you did it so darn good.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie