jacquie lee the voice interview season 5 nbc 'The Voice': Jacquie Lee gets a Christina Aguilera parting giftJacquie Lee didn’t take home the crown during the Season 5 finale of “The Voice” on Tuesday (Dec. 17), instead coming in second to winner Tessanne Chin, but speaking with Zap2it backstage after the finale, the runner-up was all smiles. If fact, the way the young Team Christina Aguilera artist tells it, she didn’t really lose at all.

Zap2it: Congratulations on everything! Second place is nothing to shake a stick at. How are you feeling?
Jacquie Lee: I’m feeling pretty amazing, I have to be honest.

We’ve got to talk about “Bohemian Rhapsody.” That was such a highlight tonight. How did that all come together?
I loved that! So they’re like, ‘You get a Bring Back Song and you can bring back four artists’ and I was like ‘Oh yes!’ I was like, ‘Alright, what song do you want me to do?’ And they were like, ‘You get to choose.’ And I was like, (laughing evilly) ‘Yes!’ In the beginning, me, James, Cole, Matt and Caroline all said, ‘Imagine if we did “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the show.’ And we did it on the show! And it was so awesome. It was, like, the best ever and we just had so much fun. It’s such a serious song, meanwhile me and Caroline just couldn’t stop smiling at each other. It was awesome. It was amazing.

Have you had a chance to speak with Christina since the results were revealed?
I did. She has been great. She pulled me into her trailer, she gave me an amazing journal, and she wrote a nice note at the top that was just really sincere. I mean, she’s just been a big heart, beautiful person throughout this whole thing.

Now that this is all over, for the most part, what are you looking forward to doing most? Non-“Voice” related, of course.
Enjoy the holidays! For sure. Definitely gonna be stuffing my face. I might get a dog, in case you were interested. I knew you were wondering about that! It’s big for me, ok? I like dogs! I’m gonna be singing at a Giants game, so that’s cool. Just writing new material and doing that whole search for a label thing, so that’s gonna be fun. I’m just really excited for the future.

“The Voice” returns for Season 6 on Feb. 24, 2014.

Posted by:Billy Nilles