voice jamar rogers james massone 'The Voice': James Massone appreciates Blake Shelton's man crushOn last week’s performance episode of “The Voice,” Boston auto body shop worker James Massone purred through Norah Jones’ song “Don’t Know Why.” The girls in the audience were screaming, but they certainly weren’t alone.

“I almost threw my panties on the stage,” Blake Shelton said. “I want to wait and hear the number because I’m going to vote for him.” That’s some high praise, particularly because Massone isn’t even Team Blake — and we don’t think Shelton is the type to throw his panties at just anyone.

When we spoke with Massone and his fellow contestant Jamar Rogers this week, Massone was still feeling extremely grateful for Shelton’s support.

“When Blake said that, oh my god, inside, it made me feel better in a way. That’s kind of weird, but… he’s just a funny dude,” Massone says. “I love Blake, and when he said that, it really helped me out and gave me a little more confidence up there.”

Shelton didn’t love Rogers’ performance quite as much because, true to Team Cee-Lo, Rogers emphasized the stage spectacle — he had guitar players on stilts! Shelton felt that embellishment was a little too much. Watch our video interview below to hear what Rogers has to say about the big stage production, and whether he’s planning to go back to basics next week.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie