the voice jordis unga 'The Voice': Jordis Unga from 'Rock Star: INXS' gets another chance at fameIf you watched “The Voice” tonight, you may have recognized rocker Jordis Unga from another music competition show, “Rock Star: INXS,” in which the band sought their new lead singer. Unga. The 29-year-old singer appeared on the show in 2005. Like “The Voice,” it was produced by Mark Burnett productions.

Unga sang “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and during her song, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Cee-Lo turned their chairs around. While her dad danced backstage, Unga burst into tears at the end of her song, her hands shaking as she introduced herself to the judges.

Then, the judges introduced themselves to her. “I am the a-hole who didn’t pick you,” Adam Levine admitted.

Aguilera says, “I loved what I heard. It’s definitely stiffer competition this year… I heard that soulful little ad-lib in the low end and I love, love, loved it.” She also noted that she’s got more time and attention to offer her contestants, because unlike Shelton and Cee-Lo, she’s not on tour.

Shelton countered that he’s on tour with Dia Frampton, his contestant from last year, so he’s supporting her. “You’re the type of person that I have been sitting here waiting for you. You’re the type of singer that makes me excited about what I do. Your voice makes me want to push myself to be that much better of a singer,” he said.

Ultimately, Unga chose Shelton — with apologies to Aguilera, of course.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie