judith hill the voice nbc 'The Voice': Judith Hill sounds off on her surprise elimination from Season 4There’s always one results episode of “The Voice” a season that throws viewers for a loop, and Season 4’s was Tuesday (May 28), when Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, two of the competition’s most powerful vocalists, got the boot.

Since her blind audition in the first weeks of the season, Hill, the former Michael Jackson backup singer was viewed as a frontrunner, consistently earned rave reviews from the coaching panel. So what happened between Monday’s performance of will.i.am and Justin Bieber’s “#thatPOWER” and Tuesday?

Speaking to reporters after her elimination on Tuesday night, Hill mused on what turned audiences off of her funk interpretation of the dance track, blaming it less on her performance and more on what America was ready for.

“I don’t think anything went wrong, musically,” Hill said. “I think it was really one of my more exciting performances. I was really rocking out with the band and I was excited, so I think that, if anything, it might have been too — I think if a song is a lot more familiar and has a lot more pop sensibilities, I think that America tends to draw more to that than something that they’re not used to.”

She continued on with her assessment of the country that had just shown her the door, proposing that her performance was too much, too soon. “So sometimes you feel like — I’ve learned that I’ve got to kind of spoon feed it to them and not go all the way,” the singer said. “You might need to tone it down, you know?”

The shocking elimination of Hill and Simmons, both of whom were on coach Adam Levine‘s team, shook the Maroon 5 frontman, whose candid reaction was caught on a hot microphone. Levine muttered “I hate this country” upon hearing the results, earning him quite a bit of scrutiny from fans who felt offended by his remark.

Hill was kinder in her assessment of the nation, though she clearly felt her elimination was more fault of the voting public’s. When asked what the competition taught her, she replied, “I think I’ve learned more about America. I’ve learned more about how they receive music and how to really make sure everything is something they can relate to.”

Let’s hope the artist can find a way to relate to the country going forward as she embarks on her career.

Posted by:Billy Nilles