justin bieber x factor getty 'The Voice': Justin Beiber has a new girlfriend while The Wanted heat things up

Some of the most interesting things on reality shows happen when the cameras aren’t running.

Here’s the best of what you didn’t see on “The Voice” on Tuesday (April 17).

OMG Part 1 – When The Wanted took the stage, it was pandemonium. Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan set the place on fire when they played “Chasing The Sun.” OK, maybe it wasn’t on fire, but it was awfully hot as they had to turn off the A/C in order for all the pyrotechnics and other special effects to work.

OMG Part 2 – If The Wanted wasn’t enough to make a teenage girl’s heart flutter, it got even better when Justin Bieber came to promote his new album and play a clip from the video for “Boyfriend.” When he left the stage The Coiffed One even gave a female fan a kiss on the cheek. When asked later what she thought of the moment, she says “I’m making Selena [Gomez] jealous.”

OMG Part 3 – After Bieber announced that his new album is coming out June 19 and that he’s also coming back to perform at “The Voice” finale, he quickly left. Was there something wrong? Hardly. He had to scurry off to meet up with his girlfriend Selena Gomez at the Lakers game. It is here that the two ended up on the famed “Kiss Cam” and obliged. Looks like Gomez got her man after all.

OMG Part 4 – After running the uncensored version Cee Lo’s famed song “F*** You” during audience warm up last week, producers must have decided to make things more family friendly. So they swapped it out with the decidedly G-rated “Forget You.”

Posted by:David Eckstein