the voice katrina parker 'The Voice': Katrina Parker leaves the cubicle and joins Team AdamIn the third episode of The Voice‘s” Blind Audition round, Carson Daly (in his trusty, totally not sponsored Kia) drove to an office building in LA to interrupt singer Katrina Parker at her nine-to-five job scanning, photocopying, and filing.

“Could you file this under personal, please?” Carson said as he poked his head into Katrina’s cubicle. It can’t have been that much of a surprise, as her entire office had cleared out and there were tons of cameras around, but her reaction was still pretty adorable.

“I think I might have acted like a complete ninny for about 10 minutes,” she said. Seriously. Ninny.

Later, Katrina revealed that she’d been without music for about two years after mold in her house left her very ill in 2008. She couldn’t sing during that time, but she can certainly sing now. “It’s like someone had taken the magic out of my life… this is a big way to come back,” she said before taking the stage to sing “One of Us.”

Adam Levine was the only coach who turned around for her and he seemed rather hesitant about it at first — he had his head down on his table as he hit the button. “There were moments that weren’t perfect, I’m not going to lie to you, like I’m sure you were nervous,” he admitted. “But what was cool about it was it was different.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie