hillary scott adam levine the voice nbc 'The Voice' live blog: Night two of the battle roundsIt’s night two of battle rounds in Season 4 of “The Voice” and things are only going to get more intense. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher continue to pit two members of their teams against one another, eliminating one in favor of the other, but as the number of saves left available dwindle, we’re looking at a lot more sad goodbyes.

After night one, Shakira is completely out of saves and Blake has only one left. It’s time to get picky.

First battle of the night:

Team Adam: Michael Austin vs. Warren Stone

For his first battle of the night, Adam pairs up his two country singers, proving he’s only got room for one on his team. The Battle of the Civil Servants, as Warren calls it. He’s a fireman, Michael’s a deputy sheriff.

Adam tasks them to tackle Jason Aldean‘s “My Kinda Party.” Right off the bat, Warren showcases his silky smooth pop-country tone, while Michael sticks to his crunchier rock-country sound.

The battle comes down to personal preference on which sort of country artist you prefer. Both guys sing the heck out of the song, so that’s only real way to choose. Personally, I’d lean towards Warren, as I prefer my country as pop-influenced as possible. (Which is to say I’m not much of a country fan.)

Winner: Warren, because Adam and I are soul mates and think the same way. 

Steal: No one jumps in to steal Michael. Blake’s holding on to that last steal tight.

Second battle of the night:

Team Usher: Jeff Lewis vs. Josiah Hawley

This one is the heavily advertised battle where Usher gets real during rehearsal.

The two will be competing on The Police’s “Roxanne,” and Usher doesn’t seem to be feeling what either are serving right out of the gate. In further rehearsals, neither seem to prepared, forget lyrics and timing, and laugh. “What’s funny?” Usher demands.

He is straight-up mean-mugging Jeff, as he should.

Josiah sure is dreamy, ain’t it? In the battle, both guys sound great, but Adam and Shakira weren’t exactly fans. Blake thinks Jeff wins, vocally.

Winner: Josiah

Steal: No one jumps for Jeff.

Boo, a montage? Shakira keeps Tawnya Reynolds, Usher keeps Audrey Karrasch, and Blake keeps Grace Askew.

Third full battle of the night:

Team Blake: Caroline Glaser vs. Danielle Bradbery

Blake pairs his two inexperienced songbirds on Corinne Bailey Rae‘s “Put Your Records On.” Danielle may be a newbie, but she has the purest tone in this competition. Danielle is a bit more limited as a singer, as her first rehearsal reveals.

Blake’s teasing of Danielle for keeping her arms at her side = adorable.

For all her inexperience, Danielle is remarkably assured on the stage. Her voice is just unreal. Caroline is a wonder, as well. Her unique tone lends itself well to the song, and the two sound terrific together. Is it too late to turn this into a duo?

“I’ve really put two artists together who have no business being together and that’s my mistake,” Blake says.

Winner: Danielle. Blake seems intent on winning with a country singer this year.

Steal: Adam and Usher jump in immediately to steal. Who will she choose? Of course, a commercial break. “Caroline, what you do just astonishes me … You lost the battle, but you’ve definitely not lost the war,” Adam tells her. “I’m willing to set myself on fire,” Usher promises.

Blake reminds them that Caroline is a singer-songwriter and asks how each can help her with that. Adam: “I truly believe that we are a wonderful fit. With all my heart, I do.” Adam is giving the HARD SELL. “My heart is telling me to go with Adam,” she says. Looks like the hard sell worked.

What did you think of tonight’s battles, “Voice” fans? Are you loving this season so far?

Posted by:Billy Nilles