the voice finale part one live blog nbc 'The Voice' live blog: The finale begins as the Top 3 take the stage one last timeThe time has come, “Voice” fans. The two-night Season 5 finale begins on Monday (Dec. 16) as Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin take the stage for one final time to earn America’s vote and the crown. Which coach will guide their artist to victory: Christina Aguilera or Adam Levine? And who will join Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green in the losers circle? Let’s find out!

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8:00 – Before we can get to any of the fun, it’s time for a look back at the road to the finale for the Top 3. Gotta fill that two hours somehow.

8:03 – For the last time this season, all four coaches are coming together to kick off the show with members of Def Leppard on “Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

8:05 – If you haven’t noticed yet, CeeLo is wearing knee-high red rain boots. Never change, CeeLo.

8:10 – And we’re back from commercial. Host Carson Daly explains tonight’s format: Three songs each from each finalist. The first: The first song they auditioned with. The second: A duet with their coach. And third: Their last-ditch effort to prove to America why they deserve to win.

8:11 – Tessanne kicks the night off, formally, with a repeat performance of Pink‘s “Try,” which earned her a four-chair turn in the blinds. She sounds just a lovely as she did when she came into this competition, which isn’t to say she hasn’t grown. By that, I mean, she came into this game a fully-formed artist and she’s only maintained that level of brilliance.

8:15 – Adam: “Everything you do just draws me in.” He gushes over how every minute with Tessanne has been fun and educational for him, pushing him to be better as an artist himself. He calls her one of the most genuine, loving, caring people he’s ever met.

8:16 – CeeLo calls her a fan-favorite, while mentioning that she’s evolved wonderfully this season. Then he makes some comment about people who’ve already gone home this season, seeming to say they are probably happy to have lost to her. At least, that’s what we think.

8:22 – The coaches have all changed seats. Adam says Blake’s smells like booze, while Blake says he didn’t realize CeeLo had a booster seat. Then Carson makes us watch them all move back. Live TV, everyone!

8:24 – Taking the stage with Gavin DeGraw‘s “Not Over You” is Will, hoping to remind America of what made him worthy of falling in love with in the first place. One thing readily apparent is how Will’s confidence has grown throughout the season, after last week in particular. The Will on stage right now is a Will who knows he belongs here.

8:28 – Adam admits that Will works so hard that it’s almost a little stressful, though says it makes sense considering how he became the “pinball” of this season, bouncing from Team Adam to Team Christina back to Team Adam.

8:29 – Christina agrees with Adam, congratulating Will for overcoming all his obstacles and making it to the “Bottom 3.” Err, Final 3. Whichever.

8:34 – It’s time for Jacquie’s return performance of Amy Winehouse‘s “Back to Black.” That roar Christina mentioned in the intro package? It’s back in full force. Jacquie is not fooling around tonight. If anything, this competition has unleashed more of a monster in the young singer. She’s here to win.

8:39 – Christina gushes about the joy she’s given watching Jacquie do what she does, saying the youngster makes her smile and makes her look forward to coming back here again.

8:41 – Christina is still talking. Where’s Carson’s gentle nudge to wrap this up?

8:42 – No one else gets to speak. Thanks, Xtina.

8:46 – For the first coach/artist duet, it’s Adam and Tessanne taking on “Let It Be.” They’re so adorable in their video package, I can hardly stand it.

8:48 – They sounds really terrific together. It’s a shrewd song choice on Adam’s part, tapping into Tessanne’s strength, which is her emotional connection to the material, something this song lives and dies by.

8:51 – And then the song welcomes in some of Tessanne’s reggae influence, with Adam joining in on the fun. It’s a wonderful, light touch that elevates the performance to a level that encapsulates Tess as an artist.

8:57 – For their duet, Jacquie and Christina will be taking on the latter’s “Hunger Games” soundtrack contribution “We Remain.” And of course the performance begins with Christina alone on stage. This is Xtina’s song, after all, and you better not forget it!

9:00 – The staging of this, or lack thereof, is awkward, but there’s something sweet about the way Christina is singing to Jacquie.

9:01 – Time for the riff off! Who can break those glass chandeliers first?!

9:05 – For their duet, Will and Adam are taking on Elton John‘s “Tiny Dancer,” at which Will suggests they wear the glasses. You know the ones.

9:07 – Sadly, there are no giant glasses in sight. Just a white baby grand and Will and Adam in their finest suits. (Well, minus Adam’s misplaced coat.)

9:10 – They sound lovely, but boy was that a snoozer. Anyone else having a hard time paying attention?

9:15 – And we’re back. Another trip to that infernal Sprint Skybox. Blake wants to put his face in your birthday cake. Or someone’s.

9:16 – Singing together the last time, the Top 3 come together on “I’ll Be There.” Tessanne rules with her otherwordly supremacy. Jacquie sounds nice, while Will struggles a bit with some of the high notes. But really — Tessanne. That is all.

9:24 – Before we can get to Tessanne’s final performance, it’s time for another trip down memory lane. Eat that time, producers.

9:25 – For her last trip to the stage, Adam’s having Tessanne take on Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing,” which has Adam flipping out in rehearsals.

9:30 – What is there to say about this? It’s incredible. Just incredible. There’s no way to top Whitney and Tessanne knows that. But she holds her own with such force. It’s a stunner of a final performance.

9:31 – Adam: “My thoughts? I don’t have thoughts right now.” He admits that he only let her sing it once in rehearsals because it was so perfect and he didn’t want to overwork it. “Where is the ceiling for Tessanne?” he asks. The answer: There isn’t one.

9:39 – For his final performance, Will is taking on Bryan Adam‘s “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” which Adam warns is so familiar that respecting the melody is necessary.

9:44 – His baby is adorable! Singing it was he slowly makes is way to his family, closing with an embrace with them, was really lovely and probably smart, vote-wise.

9:45 – Adam says he’s already won, while the camera continue to cut to Will’s adorable daughter.

9:46 – Blake says Will is really good luck because the teams he spent time on made it to the finals. He says the performance was interesting because it was more reserved than previous songs, adding that it was solid and he didn’t need to “glitter it up.”

9:54 – There’s just one performance left. Closing out the night, she’s taking on Jennifer Hudson‘s version of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from “Dreamgirls.” It’s a big song. A little overused on shows like this, but a great way to end a night.

9:56 – Jacquie’s tendency to go a little strident in her vocal is out
in full force tonight. There are times when she forces the vocal too hard and this song may have been one of those times.

9:57 – And then comes those final notes and you’re just like: HUH?! That’s sometimes all an artist needs.

9:58 – Christina can hardly get a word in with the in-house audience, but she finds the chance to talk about herself a little bit. Oh, and also to tell Jacquie that this is her moment.

9:59 – Blake says that to see her evolution on this show has been amazing, calling her pairing with Christina one of the best coach-artist pairings on this show ever.

10:00 – That’s a wrap. Go vote, America!

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