ceelo green the voice live blog top 12 nbc 'The Voice' live blog: The Top 12 are revealed

It’s a very special Thursday night episode of “The Voice,” with Season 5’s Top 20 about to face the music and find out which two artists from each time earned America’s vote to advance to the Top 12. Who will move on and who will coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine use their one save on? Let’s find out!

Before we can get to any results, it’s time for a team performance. Taking the stage together for the first time together this season, it’s Team Blake. Performing “Free Ride,” these five disparate artists don’t sound too terrific together. And the less said about that cheesy dance break from Nic Hawk, the better.

Time for some eliminations. First up to learn their fate is Blake’s team. The first artist advancing to next week’s show is Austin Jenckes, followed by Cole Vosbury. With Nic, Shelbie Z. and Ray Boudreaux left and only one save available, Blake says how proud he is of each of them, but makes a gut call and says the person he thinks he can have the most success with is Ray. Wow. His dismissal of Shelbie is quite shocking. His dismissal of Nic, however? Not so much.

Up next for a group performance? Team CeeLo on “Give A Little Bit.” They fare a little better than Team Blake, but their disparate styles don’t mesh as well as one would hope. Jonny Gray‘s warble isn’t exactly the best thing to kick off the number with, but the ladies sound lovely.

As for their results, the first artist saved by America’s vote turns out to be Caroline Pennell, who’s followed by Jonny. Seriously? Jonny? Bleh. With Amber Nicole, Kat Robichaud and Tamara Chauniece left, CeeLo tells the girls that he’s at a loss for words. Eventually, though, he makes the decision to stick with Kat. We’d have gone with Tamara, especially after her incredible performance of “I Will Survive” on Tuesday. Bummer.

Time now for Team Christina to take the stage with a performance of Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody.” It’s a fun performance, but the harmonies are than a bit wonky at parts. Josh Logan, who’s usually strong, seems to struggle in particular. Maybe it’s nerves.

Speaking of nerves, it’s time to find out who’s staying and who’s going. Jacquie Lee, the youngest in the game, is announced safe first. Is anyone surprised? That performance on Tuesday of “I Put A Spell On You” was too, too good. Next safe: Matthew Schuler. Again, the right choice. With it down to Josh, Stephanie Anne Johnson and Olivia Henken, Xtina wastes time by praising each as she tries to decide who to keep, finally landing on Josh. Seriously, could Christina have dragged that out any longer? Josh looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

And last, but not least, it’s time for Team Adam to take the stage, performing Capital Cities’ “Safe & Sound.” They sound terrific together, the first team to come together as a cohesive whole tonight. Watching them perform only highlights what a strong team Adam’s put together and what a difficult moment we’ll find ourselves in in just a second when two of them must go home.

So, who’ll stick around? The first artist to be saved by America’s vote is revealed to be James Wolpert, followed by Tessanne Chin. With Grey, Preston Pohl and Will Champlin left, Adam’s got to make a choice and doesn’t have much time to do so. After some rushed rambling, he decides to keep Will. Seriously, was anyone else worried the show would end before he spit that out?

There you have it, “Voice” fans. Your Season 5 Top 12. Did the right dozen make it through? Sound off on the results in the comments below.

Posted by:Billy Nilles