Cee Lo Green‘s visit to Pawnee City Hall to retrieve his swivel chair from “Parks and Recreation’s” Ron Swanson aired during the finale of “The Voice” on Tuesday night (May 8). But we’ve got an extended version of the clip with more antics from the “Parks” team.

The video, which you’re seeing first on Zap2it, features more of Leslie (Amy Poehler) trying to get Ron’s (Nick Offerman) attention as he keeps turning away and an extended confrontation between Ron and Cee Lo, whom Ron describes as “about yay tall, bald, wearing sunglasses inside.” We’d really, really like to know how Cee Lo and Ron came to know one another — we suspect Tammy Two might be involved — but Cee Lo wants his chair back, and Ron is not willing to part with it, at least not until he takes measurements so he can make a functional wood replica.

Maybe our favorite part? As Andy (Chris Pratt) is trying to impress Cee Lo with his singing ability around the 1:20 mark, look over Cee Lo’s shoulder. Ron is just spinning and spinning.

What do you think of the video? And should Leslie give her CD to Adam or Blake?

Posted by:Rick Porter