Part of the charm of “The Voice” is seeing and hearing people who can just completely own the stage, even if you’d never guess it passing them on the street. Michelle Chamuel, who auditioned for Season 4 of the hit on April 1, proved just that.

The self-proclaimed “introvert” (who’s also the frontwoman of band Ella Riot, so go figure…) took the stage and appeared quite unassuming, but, as soon as she ripped into Katy Perry‘s breakout hit “I Kissed A Girl,” that all changed.

Adam Levine turned his chair around right out the gate. Shakira soon followed, with Usher hitting his button at the very last second. As they battled it out to win Michelle on their team, Shakira let her know she thought she was “fierce” and saw a “rock chick” inside of her. Adam joked, “There’s a rock chick inside of me, too.”

Michelle wasn’t ready to make her decision without putting the judges a bit on the spot, though. “Based on what you saw today, what would you develop? What ideas come up?” she asked.

Adam told her, “It’s our job to guide you in the direction you want to go in.” Shakira plead he case: “A passionate coach will give their 150%…and that coach is talking to you right now.” In the end, though, Michelle chose Usher. Her new coach remarked, “She made an investment in me, I’m gonna make the same investment in her.”

What did you think about Michelle’s performance, “Voice” fans?

Posted by:Billy Nilles