What does a big, gay, bearded white guy have in common with Cee Lo Green on “The Voice”? They both can do a killer rendition of “Forget You.”
“I had to turn around to see who this brave individual was,” Green joked after hearing the Texan’s performance on his song.
Nakia, the 36-year-old from Austin came to the show with the hope that he can pay his partner back for supporting his singing career. Now, that’s one hell of a touching intro story, isn’t it? And we think he definitely put himself on the right path by tackling Green’s hit and killing on it.
Nakia created a battle between coaches Green and Blake Shelton, who both felt that the performer could be the “exception to the rule.”
“You look nothing like how I expected,” Shelton says. “I didn’t expect to turn around and feel threatened. But those are the things that make you an artist, the unique things.”
He ended up going with the guy who wrote the song that got him there: Green, naturally. Oh, and here’s a little trivia for you: Nakia is the only singer on the show who performed one of the coach’s songs and had that coach pick him.

Didn’t Nakia make it hard to forget him?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog