the voice season 2 'The Voice' recap: Baker, BakerWe jump right into Team Christina sending two more warriors into battle. The first pairing is Geoff McBride (who did “Higher Ground” and wants to be a hero to his gaggle of kids) and Sera Hill (the hotel clerk who Xtina hopped on stage and annoyingly sang with during the blind auditions) are doing the showy Aretha tune “Chain of Fools.” Geoff keeps his glasses on constantly, which bothers me, unless he’s blind. Maybe he’s blind? I’ve forgotten the auditions. If that’s it, then he’s excused. Otherwise, he should take the glasses off unless he wants to join Team Cee Lo.

During the first practice round, they both try and out-belt each other. Sera plans on channeling her inner diva in order to out-sing Geoff. He’s so damned loud, though, she’s got her work cut out for her. Geoff flips out when he meets Lionel Richie, and as soon as he starts singing, Lionel is blown away. He actually has to step back because Geoff’s voice is so powerful. Christina starts talking big hand gestures. Lionel asks him if he has to wear glasses, Geoff simply says yes, and Lionel says that eye contact would make his performance stronger. I agree wholeheartedly.

Sera’s happy to meet Jewel (who is wearing the most boring pink mom shirt ever). Christina likes Sera’s “crispy” runs (whatever the hell that means) and Jewel tells Sera to tap into emotional vulnerability to combat Geoff’s volume. I dunno, Christina’s not into subtlety, I think that’s bad advice in this case.

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