the voice season 2 'The Voice' recap: It's a Mann's WorldThe top 8 are surrounding Carson on stage while he introduces the judges. They are all in black and gray, and Cee Lo (with his pops of red) looks particularly dapper. Christina has some stupid thing around her head. Carson says it’s a packed house (as opposed to it normally being empty in the studio?) and I realize that sometimes his mouth moves like a Muppet when I accidentally play the show slow motion. Tonight there are no last chance performances or judges’ saves. It’s all just scores. So how the hell are we filling a whole hour? Oh, last year’s final four are returning, and a whole bunch of famous people are performing.

After a recap of last night’s performances and critiques, Carson tells us that all 8 made it on iTunes top 200. Wow, 200. Really stretching that now. No more of those Top 10 accolades. Blake says he’s got bittersweet feelings about the night, since he’s attached to his people. Christina can’t compare Lindsay and Chris, but she knows someone she cares about is going home. So her whole statement last night about it coming down to performance was irrelevant. Cee Lo is uncomfortable and awkward about the coming events. Adam (still with the stupid goatee) thinks it is hard because everyone has really grown, and says this is a crappy part of the show.

Dia Frampton is performing with Kid Cudi. She’s doing her new single, “Don’t Kick the Chair.” Really rocking the charts, this one. The set designer went all out stacking kitchen chairs from the entirety of the NBC lot all up in a big pile. Kid Cudi is way too cool for this song and to be performing with Dia, but he only has to work for about 40 seconds, so this is probably an easy gig for him. Her new album is available, for the one of you out there who might care.

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