the voice season 2 'The Voice' recap: Moves Like SeizureCarson introduces the judges and Adam’s got some crazy new goatee and a very busy plaid shirt. Cee Lo is in another black t-shirt (disappointing). Christina’s wearing a tight boob-revealing jacket, a tiara and sporting a sparkly red fan (because, of course). Blake is just Blake. Carson tells us that it is a pressure-packed night. How so? Are there eliminations, one might ask, since this show seems to make up its rules on the fly? No. Apparently the top 8 (two from each team) will be scored by the coaches and that will somehow be combined with the audience votes, Dancing with the Stars style.

In case you’ve forgotten this show since last week (in which case I’m totally jealous), there’s a rundown of the remaining competitors. Team Adam is pretty solid with Tony Lucca and Katrina Parker. Team Blake has the slightly unmemorable Erin Willett and backup singer du jour Jermaine Paul. Team Cee Lo is a super smiley Jamar Rogers and an already crying Juliet Sims. Christina’s stuck with Chris Mann and lucky to have Lindsay Pavao.

Carson wants to know what the singers will have to do to rep their teams in the finals. Blake says, “One of them is going to have to do better than the other.” Profound. He calls the other judges out on being cocky, and then says that he thinks his team is going to win this year. Christina, looking utterly ridiculous, says that her two are very different and can’t decide who to root for. She’s excited that all the singers are competing live on the same night. Cee Lo, whose black t-shirt does have a picture of his cat designed in a heart shape (amazing!) says that he’s relying on America’s help. Adam agrees that he likes having the teams all perform as the women in the audience are screaming out their typical “I love you”s. Adam said his team took a while to warm up, but they are in it now.

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