the voice season 2 'The Voice' recap: Swing LowWe start the night with Carson telling us how great The Voice is, over a montage of singers who’ve made it through so far as the judges tell them how good they are. Tonight, the Blind Auditions come to an end. Good riddance!

Adam, Blake and Christina are all looking for two more artists to complete their teams of 12, while Cee Lo still needs three. That’s what he gets for passing out mid-competition the last few episodes. Thanks to his procrastination, now he’s got to give it the ol’ college try. See you in the library for a late night cramming sesh, dude!

Instead of mercifully jumping in, we cut to Whitney Myer walking with her family as she tells us about how hardcore of a rocker she is. She’s got a Monroe piercing, one of those Ke$ha feather earrings in one ear and a giant multicolor beaded double triangle dangly earring in the other. Her plan is to be successful.

Tonight, Whitney’s singing “No One.” Her voice is a little more soulful than I was expecting, but poppy, too. Adam’s off within the first few seconds and she is so happy! Red-eyed Cee Lo hits his button seconds later. Then Blake! I get so dorky excited when all the judges get into it. Christina toys with all of our hearts and SHE GOES! All of a sudden I don’t like Whitney as much as I did in the beginning… part of me thinks it’s because she got a little nasally the end, but it’s mostly because she’s so mainstream now, you know?

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