the voice season 2 'The Voice' recap: The End Is NearWe’re welcomed to the finals, and all the judges are dressed really tame for the big occasion… even Christina, who is wearing a grandma sweater. We’re reminded that Tony Lucca is representing Team Adam, Cee Lo’s gal is Juliet Simms, Xtina’s cards are riding on Chris Mann and Team Blake has been whittled down to backup singer Jermaine Paul. The judges have no say tonight, so it is all in America’s hands. Why do I worry that moms around the world tonight will unite in support of the exceedingly boring Chris Mann? Honestly, I’d be OK with any of the other three, but he’s just mediocre at what he does and has an awful stage presence. I’d rather see ****in’ Pip up there.

Carson tells us that the finalists will perform once solo, once with their Team Captain and then there will be some sort of special surprise. Why do I feel like his idea of a special surprise and my idea of one are two different things? Ending the episode 20 minutes early? That would be a great surprise.

We get to hear the judges talk about the first time they heard the finalists, and they lie how they knew they’d be here at the end. If that was true, there’d be none of that annoying waffling during the elimination rounds, and the last six weeks would have been pointless… oh, wait. Carson reminds us again that this is the first time the singers have been pitted against people from other teams, which may be the one flaw here, since I think certain teams had multiple strong people, while other teams were less filled with talent.

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