the voice raelynn erin ashley lindsey 'The Voice' results:  Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton make their eliminationsOn Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” Christina Aguilera axed Jesse Campbell in a surprise Instant Elimination twist. Blake Shelton was forced to eliminate his contestant Jordis Unga. Unfortunately for the contestants, the bloodbath continued on Tuesday night.

After UK boyband “The Wanted” performed, testing the limits of the smoke machine, Carson Daly got down to business. From Christina’s team, America saved Chris Mann, leaving Lindsey Pavao and Ashley De La Rosa to sing for their lives. From Blake’s team, America saved Jermaine Paul, which meant Erin Willett and RaeLynn had to sing.

Ashley, who had to sing for her life last week as well and was saved by Christina, performed “You and I” by Lady Gaga. “I didn’t believe, and then I believed… because you set the bar so high with a lot of your performances, this was not my favorite of them… I still would say, regardless of this performance, I’d keep you around. You’re amazing,” Adam Levine said afterward. Shelton added that he’d buy Ashley’s record over Lindsey’s.

That said, Lindsey’s iTunes sales have been extraordinary over the last few weeks. She countered Ashley’s tune with a stripped-down version of “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner. Christina got quite emotional during the performance, on the verge of tears, which set off Lindsey as well. “I can only hope that winning attitude that you have keeps you warm in a time of tough decisions,” Cee-Lo told Lindsey.

Aguilera got emotional again when she had to announce her elimination. She cried through the entire segment. “I have a special connection with your voice. It was very vulnerable and I think that can be very powerful,” she said. “Ashley, you are a dynamo on stage and you’ve come so far. You both are complete superstars who could record an album right now and blow up. As always, I have to go with what’s in my heart.” Aguilera ultimately saved Lindsey, meaning that her team is now Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann, and Ashley did not survive her second week in the bottom.

When it was Team Blake’s turn, Erin Willett played an acoustic, slowed-down “Proud Mary.” “I loved your spirit and I loved your energy,” Aguilera said. “I thought you put in an amazing effort being at the bottom two right now.”

Then, in the final performance, RaeLynn slowed things down with current country favorite “If I Die Young,” a stark contrast to her Jason Aldean tune from Monday, which definitely had an emotional impact on Shelton. “You know I’ve always been a fan of yours from the very beginning,” Adam said. “I would have done a lot of things differently. I think there was a lot of inflection and a lot of personality in your voice. I would have curbed that a little… The song doesn’t play you, you play the song, which I respect and like.”

“Even as I sit here, I don’t know,” Blake said when it was time for him to make his choice. “This is weird because I love both of you and we have a bond for different reasons. Gosh dang, man, this is way rougher than I thought it was going to be… as a coach, we don’t know what that song is going to be on the saves. I think you’re right Adam, on RaeLynn’s song, I wish there had been something different… I’m saving Erin.” That leaves Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul as Blake’s two remaining team members.

The elimination happened in the final second of the show, so we didn’t get a chance to hear RaeLynn’s reaction, except to see her break down in tears immediately.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie