dia xenia finals 'The Voice' results: Who did Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton eliminate?After a short delay to make room for President Obama’s speech, the eight semifinalists opened “The Voice” with a medley of George Michael hits, but the real show began when Cee-Lo’s team took the stage for their eliminations.

Before announcing the elimination, Carson Daly gave the finalists a chance to speak. Nakia addressed his boyfriend, watching from the audience. “I love you,” he said, “and every sacrifice you’ve ever made for me has put me right here and I thank you so much.”

Vicci Martinez, whose father passed away before he could pursue his own musical dreams, said, “I feel that my dad’s here with me, and my mom’s here. I love you. I am so happy for everything.”

Though Cee-Lo gave Nakia 51 points out of his 100, and gave Vicci only 49, America overruled him, voting Vicci into the final round with 124 to Nakia’s 76. Cee-Lo read his finalists a poem he’d written for them which ended with the simple, “The revolution is being televised. Red ’til I’m dead.”

After Cee-Lo took the stage to perform his new song “Bright Lights, Bigger City,” it was time for Casey Weston and Javier Colon from Team Adam to step on the chopping block. “It’s been one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” Weston said of her time on the show. “I’m so happy. Adam, thank you so much for having me on your team, it’s been a blessing.”

Javier got emotional when Carson asked him to address his family. “I’m just thankful, man,” he says. “I’m thankful to be here, thank you to Adam, my parents are here, my brother, obviously my wife and kids at home. I’m just glad to be on stage and have another chance at this.”

Adam’s scores were not quite as closely matched as Cee-Lo’s. He gave Casey 35 points, and Javier 65. “It’s really easy to explain,” he said. “I know that looks bad, Case. This doesn’t reflect on you guys as artists or performers. I look at you as equals and I think you’re both going to have amazing careers, but you’re 18, Casey. Javier, I had to play the game a little bit, because I had to advance him. You’re both supremely talented, but Javier, I had to see him go to the finals… I can’t see you not go to the end. Casey, you’re going to be fine, I swear to god. You’re going to have the most amazing life singing music.”

In the end, America agreed with Adam, and voted Javier through to the final round with 138 points to Casey’s 62.

Blake Shelton’s team spent the week on the road with him, as he brought them to Cincinnati on a private jet, gave them electric guitars, and introduced them to Brad Paisley. Both Xenia and Dia Frampton took a moment to express their gratitude for Blake, but Dia also had words for Xenia. “I don’t want to talk too much, I’m going to cry,” she said. “I’m just so grateful for this opportunity. Xenia, you’re amazing, and I’ve learned a lot from you.”

Unsurprisingly, given his relationship with both girls, Blake gave them equal scores of 50/50. “I don’t feel like I can win or lose in this situation, with either one of them. I believe in them both so much and I love them, I really do. You can’t put a score on that, you can’t put a number on that,” he said.

America chose Dia as the winner with 106 points to Xenia’s 94– and, of course, everyone cried. Even as he congratulated Dia, Blake made sure to give Xenia a great send off. That little girl that just walked off of here is a special girl, and as happy as Dia and I are for Dia, that’s a superstar right there.”

Christina Aguilera’s decision was difficult, as well. Beverly McClellan and Frenchie Davis have grown extremely close. “I love her,” Beverly said, emotional.

Frenchie, who was once in the running for “American Idol” but was pulled out of the competition because of videos she’d shot in the past, said, “This is all I ever wanted. I just wanted a chance to share my gift and my voice with the world, and be judged for my talent. That’s all I wanted.”

Christina, like Blake, split her vote 50/50.  “I’m sick to my stomach right now just looking at the two of you,” she said nervously. “There’s something about this show today in particular that feels so — you feel the love in the room… What’s super amazing is that there are no winners or losers today, because… we’re bonded for life. I hope you guys will have me as a friend of yours for life because you will always be mine.”

In the end, America was most supportive of Beverly (107 points), though it was another extremely close race. Frenchie had 93 points.

That means Vicci, Javier, Dia, and Beverly will perform original songs next week. Who do you think will win?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie